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Mosley Hill Lookout tower

Called the Mosley Hill Lookout tower on the maps locals just called it the Fire Tower. It was built in 1941 and closed sometime around 1970. It is located at the highest point in the area and is 110' tall with a 13’x13’ cab and a catwalk at the top. I understand this is the only tower left this large. It HAS SINCE BEEN moved to Gum Springs. The new 4 lane road now goes where the tower was The entrince road can still be driven up and once you get to the top you have a good view of the road.

My grandfather wired this tower. Story is that being upset about heights (I can see why) he refused to run the pipe up the legs and ran it from landing to landing up the center. Don't have any photos of that wish I did. I think they paid him to disconnect wiring in the 70s when everything was removed.

We often climbed this tower after it was no longer in use. It had a locked trap door at the top so you could not get to the catwalk. But sometime in the 80s the gov took a welding torch to the bottom ladder and pulled it off. The trap door must be open now because you can see through the opening from the ground. The cab had a wooden floor and is falling away. I understand you can almost see winnfield from the catwalk however being as old as it is now I would never climb to the top even tho it is no longer locked. This is an historic landmark for the area. Back in the 60s a woman climbed the tower every day to watch for fires. Everytime we started a trash fire she would call to check on what was burining.
Coordinates: N31.6906 W92.5703
Also see They claim it was used until 1981 but that is incorrect 1981 must be whenthey cut off the bottom stairway because I know the lights were cut off in 1970.

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