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Natchez Trace/Harsionburg Road

Natchez Trace Located in Winn Parish (GCN3FQ) View it Now Located about 1,800 ft from highway down a rock road. Turnaround in the road is about 1,800 ft further in. I drive down this road in my truck but you should decide for yourself if you can drive in. If you can not get all the way to the turn around you may have to back up to get out. Take care not to drive off the road. If you are in a car you most likely will want to park on the first hill and walk in. Cache is covered with pine straw and leaves. Be sure to recover since hunters will be in this area. Located on the Natchez Trace as it crossed at Packton. Somewhere deeper in the woods is a old slave graveyard. On the other side of the US167 is a Natchez Trace cemetery where people passing through on the wagon trains were burried when they fell sick and died.

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